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Jac Smit Steps Down from TUAN Leadership; Joe Nasr Becomes President; Board Announces Upcoming Merger of TUAN and MetroAg 

 On March 25, 2009, Jac Smit, the Founder and President of The Urban Agriculture Network, announced that he is stepping down from the formal, day-to-day leadership and management of the organization.  Jac cited health reasons for his decision saying, “It is with deep regret that I can’t continue in the role that I have played for so many years with TUAN.  However, I am fighting what many say is a terminal illness and must direct a lot of my remaining energy to turning around this prognosis.  I plan to remain on the Board of Directors of TUAN and will continue to write and speak on the important issues of Urban Agriculture, Sustainable Development, and Climate Change Management.” 

The Board of Directors simultaneously announced the election of Elise F. Smith as Chairperson of The Urban Agriculture Network and Joe Nasr as President.  The board also authorized the merger of TUAN with the MetroAg Alliance for Urban Agriculture based in Madison Wisconsin of which Joe Nasr is the Co-Coordinator. 

“I am delighted that Joe Nasr has assumed the leadership position at TUAN.  As co-author of our book, Urban Agriculture: Food, Jobs and Sustainable Cities, and his extensive work in urban agriculture, he is a wonderful choice to lead TUAN and the urban agriculture movement in the 21st Century,” said Jac. 

In assuming his new post, Joe Nasr said, “It is a privilege to have worked with Jac over the years and to be entrusted with this important organization and the legacy that Jac leaves with us as the original champion of urban agriculture policy and practice.  The merger of TUAN and MetroAg will focus our resources to continue the support and encouragement of urban agriculture in the coming years.” 

Under the merger arrangement, TUAN’s comprehensive library of documents and materials on urban agriculture will be transferred to Toronto Canada and supervised by Joe Nasr.  Once it is re-established, the collection will be named the Jac Smit Memorial Library of Urban Agriculture and will be made available for use of researchers and practitioners worldwide. 

To see the commendation of Jac from the TUAN Board of Directors, click on the link: Certificate of Commendation.   Updated information on Jac, the merger, and the library will be posted on www.JacSmit.com and on www.MetroAgAlliance.org

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