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Havana, Cuba; Organiponico Raised Bed; Employees’ Garden; 1999 


Havana, Cuba; Organiponico Raised Bed; Cooperative Garden; 1999 


Loudon County, Virginia, USA; Wheatland Truck Farm with Drip Irrigation; Skip Planck, Owner/Operator; 1999 


San Francisco, California, USA; Presidio Military Base Community Garden; 1989 


San Francisco, California, USA; Presidio Military Base Community Garden; 1989 


Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar); Floating Island Tomatoes on Trellis; 2000; Photo by Caryl Curry


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Small

Vegetable Plot at Streamside; German Urban Vegetable Promotion Project; 1999 


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Home Garden Project at Government Building; 1999 


Stoesterberg, Netherlands; Allotment Gardens in Spring; 2002


Normandy, France; New Community Garden; 1997 


Thessalonica, Greece; Suburban Greenhouses; 1996; Photo by Joe Nasr 


Mexico City, Mexico; Chinampas (Floating Islands); 1992 


Lima, Peru; Community Garden on Former Soccer Field; Funded by CARE USA; 1991 


Vila de Leyva, Columbia; Weekly Market; 1995 


Mexico City, Mexico; Cactus Garden (for salad), Export Crop to USA; 1992 


Nairobi, Kenya; Vegetables and Ornamentals in Commercial Production on Rented Municipal Land; 1990


Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Central Market; 1994 


Bouake, Ivory Coast; Raised Beds at Agricultural School; 1995; Photo by Ken Hargesheimer 


Bouake, Ivory Coast; Fish Production (Aquaculture); 1994; Photo by Ken Hargesheimer 


Port au Prince, Haiti; Market Gardening; 1993 


Port au Prince, Haiti; Greenhouse, Vegetables, Christmas Flowers, Baptist Missionary Production; 1993


Port au Prince, Haiti; Corn Production on Hospital Grounds; 1993 


Washington, DC; Jac’s Presentation on Urban Agriculture at Wilson Center with Photo of Del-Mar-VA Greenhouse in Background; 2002; Photo by Wilson Center PR Department

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